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Helping businesses to modernize their income and simplify their money

Bitcoin is the ultimate accounting ledger technology and provides innovative ways to do business. You don't need to understand Bitcoin in order to accept it. We help your business adapt to the future of commmerce that is being shaped by peer-to-peer transactions.

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the native money of the internet. It is a decentralized digital network that connects to the World Wide Web, and it is an auditable public ledger that provides the ability to transact value across space & time. The internet's purpose is to connect people around the world, and these connections will increase exponentially over time. Bitcoin—as the money of the internet—has instant settlement, non-reversibility, and nearly free transaction costs. When compared to our current financial systems: Bitcoin is superior and being continually improved upon.

Why should my business accept Bitcoin payments?

Merchant fees can range from 3-5%, and most owners have succumbed to the idea that this is "just the cost of doing business". Furthermore, these merchant fees often reduce a small businesses profit margin by 20-30%. What if you could regain more of that back and not lose it to credit card processors?

With Bitcoin solutions for merchants, you pay 1% or less. Transactions are non-reversable (who likes chargebacks anyway?!), and you can decide whether you want to receive USD or bitcoin (BTC, or Sats). There is also a growing wave of "bitcoiners" who love to buy, spend, and transact with businesses who accept bitcoin as payment for goods/services. Therefore, you can open your business to a new target audience!

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